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Relic Knight Kisa now available

KisaSoda Pop Miniatures are now selling copies of their Relic Knight Kisa figure. From their announcement:
The true nature of Relic Knights remain a enigma. The idea that aethyr may be more than mere energy and, in fact, contain sentience was entirely unprecedented until the cyphers appeared. That the cypher, Scratch, would manifest to a codifier with a nature as capricious as Kisa’s has proven even more frustrating. Recognizing their inability to control their first Relic Knight, the Doctrine has sought to study her by assigning her assistants who also act as spies and researchers. Yet every such companion is invariably doomed with bad luck, often ending up dead through mishap or misfortune. Indeed, the only people who manage to survive are those who are naturally drawn to her and prove as difficult to control as Kisa herself. Sculpted by Thomas David and Reed Casey. The Relic Knight, Kisa and her cypher, Scratch are 32mm 'heroic' scale, metal and resin cast miniatures. One 50mm and one 30mm premium base are included. Available now from the Soda Pop Store.