Release schedule update from Outpost Wargame Services

Outpost Wargame Services have posted an update to their release schedule. From their website:
Well, things never quite seem to go according to plan - we had a couple of unexpected problems with Master moulds, an unexpected prolonged stay at my parents at New Year due to the bad weather and more orders than we usually get in January. All of which has meant that the new range releases are behind schedule sadly. The good news is that we have managed to get all of the 15mm Late Crusades ready except the mounted sergeants, The South Pacific War 15mm Chilean and Bolivian foot / artillery are available and the 28mm RTW Russian Guard Marching and Advancing are available .... everything else is in progress and should be available gradually during February. We are adding to the building range - roofs and 'gable ends' to allow full buildings to be put together along with a new version of the 2 shops front (BF6) to make it the same dimensions as BF3,4 & 7. So you can easily make up streets with houses on one side and shops on the other (or a mixture) - by adding the conversions as well it would be a great backdrop for either the Geezers or WW1/2 games. They should be available early March and I will have a good selection at Salute. I will apologise here for the lack of pictures for the new stuff - the camera develope a fault over Christmas and is in for repair ... as soon as we get it back, I will organise a photo shoot.