Release news and regiment deal changes from Renegade

Renegade Miniatures have sent along some information about some upcoming miniature releases as well as changes to the pricing and contents of their regiment deals.

From their announcement:

Thanks for all your kind comments on our new range of Napoleonics, they’re very much appreciated.

We’ve now added Advancing and Kneeling Firing (both flank and centre) packs/regiments to the range. We’ll also see the Household Cavalry (Command, Shouldered Arms & Charging) out very soon. Followed shortly by Hussars, British Infantry Firing Line and more Command.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this range together and expect to see things take apace with Limbers, Horse Artillery, Mtd. Colonels and the 95th all in the pipeline.

We’re also working on adding Chariots to our CWS range; we’ll keep you informed of their progress.

News: Cavalry Regiments
We here at Renegade pride ourselves on bringing you high quality miniatures, both in design and of cast – at exceptionally low prices! But, we feel we have to reduce our cavalry regiments from 9 to 8 per regiment. The insurmountable cost of metal has forced our arm and we only hope you still agree – £11.95 for a regiment of quality 28mm metal miniatures is still, very, very good indeed.

We’ll be reducing the contents to eight Cavalry per regiment as from the 1st of July. So get them in now whilst they’re 9’s!

Our regiments of foot (except new ACW and Punic ranges) will stay as 24’s for the time being, but will also see a slight reduction come July/August. Again, 59p per metal foot – still sounds good to me! .. Where else can you obtain miniatures of this magnitude and price other than at Renegade?

Not to mention, our 5-4-4 (Buy Any 4 packs/regiments and pick a Fifth pack/regiment for FREE) is still on! So hurry, as this cannot go on forever.

At 39p per 28mm metal foot – this has to be the best value for money on the market!

Last, but not least.. We’ve been hard at work over the Spring and hope to bring you news on an entirely New range of miniatures, along with some additions to our current ranges asap. So keep in touch and join our newsletter when you can at:

What else.. but to leave you on some eye candy…