Reinforcements by Post now selling 15mm WWII figures

Reinforcements by Post are ow offering painted 15mm WWII miniatures.


From their announcement:

I am now selling Ready Painted 15mm World War Two figures. American, British, German and Russian figures are available.

The figures are from the Command decision range. Command decision have a wide variety of figures including men in great coats, with a wide selection of weapons, and casualties. These figures are normally available only in bags of 50 so gamers don’t always want enough to justify buying the extra packs. Since I have everything in stock I can offer a wide selection for your order.

I have used a variety of uniform colours. Whereas the Americans and British are relatively uniform the Russians sport a wide range of colours.

The cost is $1.25 per figure. When buying 200+ the price drops to $1.

German SS figures in camouflage are available for $2 each or $1.50 in quantities of 100+.

I also have a selection of Vietnam war and modern figures.