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Reign: The Card Game Returns

Not every Kickstarter makes it to their goal. And while it would be nice if it happened, reality often doesn't follow "what would be nice." However, a failed Kickstarter doesn't necessarily mean the end of a project. Such is the case with Reign. The initial Kickstarter failed to fund, but that doesn't mean you can't get the game. It is now available through The Game Crafter.

Players are looking to take control of the fantasy realm of Kazath. Of course, only one person can sit on the throne (well, ok, you could have someone sit on someone else's lap, but after that it'd get kinda silly and uncomfortable. So you could, at most, have two people on the throne, but that's beside the point, since we're talking about people being in charge and not actual seating arrangements). Players must court the support of the various noble houses, amass forces loyal to them, and engage in battles to secure their legitimate claim to the throne.