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Reign Strategic Card Game Up On Kickstarter

The fantasy realm of Kazath needs a leader. Do you have what it takes to reign? Well, in Reign, from Garage Games Australia, you'll find out. In, players are trying to court the favor of a noble house, trying to win them over via influence secretly, so your opponents don't just ruin all your plans. Then, you must procure alliances while working to make sure your enemies don't get too powerful, themselves. Finally, epic battle ensues where the winner will receive the Onyx Crown and become the Regent. Simple... except he who wears the crown certainly is the one with the biggest target on their back.

Interaction is the name of the game in Reign. As alliances shift and change, trying to figure out who best to ally yourself with, while also knowing who not to raise the ire of, is extremely important. You can freely break any pact you make, but remember, so can anyone else. Your word is only so good if you're known to be untrustworthy.

The game comes with:

60 Standard military cards
15 Unique military cards
25 Event cards
2 Kickstarter exclusive event cards
5 House cards
1 Onyx Crown card
1 Rulebook
3 Player reference cards

The campaign is about half-funded already with still 33 days left to go on the clock.