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Reign Card Game Up On Kickstarter

It's good to be the king. It's so good, in fact, people are willing to raise armies and backstab their friends in order to get there. And that's just what you'll be doing in Reign, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now. Will you be the one to wear the onyx crown?

From the page:

The King is dead!

Without an heir, the kingdom of Kazath is in chaos. You are poised to take the Onyx Crown for yourself, but power rarely comes without cost. You must use those around you to achieve victory, raising your army to build your legitimacy, forging temporary alliances... and plotting their inevitable betrayals.

In the end, only one can Reign.

Reign is a card game of diplomacy, deception and domination for 3 to 7 lord or ladies. In Reign victory will goes to the one able to show ruthlessness, cunning and honor in an ever-changing landscape.

Pledges start at $19 USD and shipping is free worldwide. Back now so you can enjoy stabbing your friends and family in the back all while having a good laugh.

The Kickstarter campaign is not quite halfway funded with still 28 days left to go.