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Redoubt new and upcoming releases

Redoubt Enterprises have added several new packs of 28mm historical figures to their online store and have also posted details of their next releases.

American Civil War

Dead & Wounded
  • Zouvas (Acx87)
  • Greatcoat & Capes (Acx88)
Boxer Rebellion
  • Kansu Braves (Bo115)
  • Two Boxers Running With Ladder (Box 9)
Bodys Bits
  • Defences & Barricades
  • Log Earthworks: Bb65 - 69
  • Large Earth Fort: Bb75 - 79
  • Highland Cattle (Bb80)
  • Cows Laying Down (Bb81)
  • Goats (Bb82)

Next Releases

Russo Japanese
  • 75Mm Japanese Field Gun
French Indian Wars
  • Provincial Advancing Command
American Civil War
  • Garibaldi Guards