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Red Star Miniatures at Salute 2011

Red Star Miniatures will be attending Salute 2011. From their announcement:
Red Star Miniatures will not be present at Salute 2011 with a trader stand, but the entirety of our range will be represented by Empress Miniatures at the stand TA28. We will be at Salute but with our wargaming club "Les Chemins de Feu" and a participation game entitled "Rescue in Grozny" at the GA27 stand. The game will see all our miniatures in action in a story about a Russian armoured column trying to force his way through Grozny streets in Chechnya to rescue some Hostages. For those interested, we can take pre-order via email for the HLBS range of Russian vehicles and deliver them to you at Salute. Due to some delay in the production process, our next batch of figures will only be available around May/June. It will consist of a pack of 4 dismounted Russian vehicles crew and of a pack of 6 mounted Russian vehicles crew (2 full figures, 2 waist figures and 2 shoulder figures). We sincerely hope to meet you at Salute 2011, to have a chat and perhaps play together.