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Red Republic Games unlocks another combatant for Arena Rex on Kickstarter

Red Republic Games made it up and over $60k on Kickstarter and thus has unlocked another model for Arena Rex.

From the update:

Red Republic Games is hard at work keeping up with all the unlocked stretch goals. Having passed 300% funding, what started as a project with 10 models, is now at 20, with 1 more in the works and many more to come. These new models stretch the gamut, with two that are Egyptian themed, two that are a mix between Norse and Native America traditions, one that was a prisoner, another that is a "regular" looking female, a gladiator atop a charging bull, a lion, a veteran of the arena, and a decapitated soldier who was brought back to life by a druid. While only three WiPs have been posted, Red Republic Games is working with some of the leading traditional sculptors around (MIKH, Sebastian Archer, Benoit Cauchies, and Valentin Zak). These had pulled, high quality resin models are a great deal. At the "Ludus Magnus" level, you get 5 models (6 if the next stretch is unlocked), dice, and the rules. This is everything you need to play a 2 player game, and all that comes out to about $14 a model, which is a great deal for this kind of quality.