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Red Republic Games Releases Dextarius

I'm just gonna say this. Patrick Masson is one hell of a sculptor. The new release from Red Republic Games for Arena Rex, Dextarius, looks just awesome. See for yourself.
Dextarius, by the way, is the name of the horse. Ywain is the guy in the helmet and cape.

Dextarius (no word on an equine lab hidden underneath the arena) was a gift to Ywain. You'd think that'd be something to be proud of, but really it was a symbol that Ywain was just a showpiece in the Empire to be used as politicians like. Dextarius might not be as fast or agile as other horses, he makes up for it in bulk and smarts. Add on a bunch of armor, and you've got the equivalent of a tank that you're bringing to a sword fight.

You can pick up your Dexterius and Ywain now over in the Arena Rex webshop.