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Red Republic Games Posts Arena Rex Rules PDF

Gamers today have to be thrifty with their time and money. I'd love to be able to just buy up every rules set I find, but it's just not feasible. So I like to get a look at a rules set, if possible, before I spend money on a game that I might not end up liking. Thankfully, various game companies have started putting their rules up online for people to try out. I like that. It shows trust in their product. "Look, we think we have an awesome game that you're gonna want to play. Read the rules for yourself." is what they're saying. Well, you can add Red Republic Games to the list of companies, as they've posted their rules for Arena Rex online for you to download for free.

The rules are currently available in both Spanish and English, with more translations coming. So, if you've been drooling over those awesome figures that they make (like I have been), but have been hesitant to get them, concerned over whether you'll like the rules or not, now you can check those out for yourself and decide.