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Red Republic Games Coming to Gen Con

The last convention I attended was Adepticon. It was a great time. One booth that was constantly swamped with people was the Red Republic Games booth. People were waiting in line to get their Arena Rex miniatures. Now Red Republic will be at Gen Con, and they've got some cool, new stuff they've brought with them.

So, what sort of things can you find in booth 3057? Well, there will be demos of Arena Rex, of course. There will also be exclusive dice (you can never have enough dice), new game mats, and several prerelease minis. There's Valen, as you see above. The other is a Legio XIII gladiator. Releasing next month, but available at the show will also be Hroka and Caho-Ta. The guys at the booth will be releasing a couple each day, so make sure you stop by early to make sure you get yours.