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Red Panda Miniatures Posts New Wander Preview

Well, unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to Adepticon this year. Sad, too, because I was really looking forward to trying out Red Panda Miniatures' new game, Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. Well, I can still live vicariously through photos posted online.
Or I could just drive over to BA's place after they get back and make him show me how the game works. One of the two.
Anyway, they've posted up some preview shots of the game laid out for the demo scenario.

From the post:

Hello fellow Wanderer's. We have an update on the progress of Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. Take a look at the intro / demo scenario set up and ready to go for Adepticon! We can't wait to share the game with everyone at Adepticon this weekend. Keep on Wandering! (Prototype materials are subject to change)