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Red Panda Miniatures Launches Wander Kickstarter

Long-time readers of TGN will no doubt know the name of Heath "BA" Foley (artist to the stars). He's done artwork for quite a few companies out there, including On the Lamb, Gangfight Games, and Mantic. Well, recently he's made his own company, Red Panda Miniatures (or RPM for short. I told him to go with Bar Axel Miniatures, which would mean he could be "BAM" but I lost out). They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for Wander, their new line of figures, that they hope to turn into a game in the future.

There you see the first 5 miniatures that are looking to be funded via the campaign. The figures stand between 30 and 35mm tall. This is so they can fit it with other game systems. The figures will be cast in pewter. As I mentioned, there is a game in the works for these figures, but RPM wanted to get these first five minis out to people first.

The Kickstarter just got underway today and is set to run for another 24 days.