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Red Knight Entertainment's Corpse Hammer Preview #2: Necrovanum Hate Faces

Red Knight Entertainment gives us our second look at Corpse Hammer with their Necrovanum Hate Faces.

From the preview:

Up for preview we have the Necrovanum Hate Faces. Born of dark arcane machine with flesh and cybernetics, the legions of Necrovanum are then raised from their dead state by the Arch Necromassers.

The Hates are the most commonly used troop type amongst the Necrovanum. They are simple to manufacture and require the lowest level programming of their forces. Simple savage beasts, the Hates roam the world of Sephraxis at their dark masters will, lurching, hunching and twisting about every which way, looking and listening for prey with which to consume.

The Hate Faces are the lowest level Hates. They are the cannon fodder of the Necrovanum, a solid step above the refuse of rejected bio-mass initiates grown in the arcane incubation chambers. All the Hates are without arms and jaws with various weapons affixed to their bodies, usually their grim visages. They Hates do not see or have eyes in the traditional sense, rather they have sensors that hone in sharply on movement, waves of emotion and the smells they encounter, thus lending more to their animalistic state and behavior.

The Hate Faces are a fast and light melee unit. 10 models per unit.
Necrovanum Hate Faces (10 minis) - $38
Necrovanum Hate Faces x2 (20 minis) $70 - ($6 Savings)
Necrovanum Hate Faces x3 (30 minis) $96 - ($18 Savings)

All miniatures will be available in the Corpse Hammer Kickstart in early October.
Hate Faces x3 pack will be a Kickstart exclusive deal only.