Red Devils Kickstarter Ending Soon– heavy on Stretch Goals

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 21st, 2013

Sergeants Miniatures is coming to the end of their Red Devils Kickstarter. They’ve made well over their hoped-for total, adding in lots of extra goodies to the bundle. If you want in, now’s your chance.

From the update:

The “Red Devils” kick starter for Sergeants Minitures Game’s latest storyline ends Feb. 24. Many stretch goals have been reached and one question around the factory is, “can we get all this into the box. Worth a look. While the base game offers considerable value (see the photo in the link) the stretch goals have increased the map by 1/3, added lots of equipment and specialty abilities to the soldiers, and even included a new concept called “Guest Stars.”

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  • lochmoigh

    Maybe I am alone in this, but the value for the shellout is not worth it to me. The new Warzone falls into this as well, lots of $for not lots of game.

    • grimbergen

      Well I think it is 100% made in the USA (IIRC the original base game was), so that adds a lot.

      I never could get into the base game. The components were very unprofessional for the cost, even counting the fact it’s made in the US. The painted minis are acceptable and not the issue, but the rest of the game parts.

      Also we had many serious issues with the rules. One of them supposedly is mitigated if you buy the first expansion (not an appealing thought), but also the entire “unique story experience everytime” was just not true due to the way the cards are set up and limited distribution.