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Red Box Goblin Kickstarter has begun

Red Box Games launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of minis. They've already made their basic goal and so it's stretch goals from here on out.

From the campaign:

Many of you very generously supported my previous Kickstarter campaign which is delivering as I type and the reactions to the effort have been incredible. Now I am set to finish the transition from metal to plastic for the rest of the RBG line. This is still a VERY significant investment and not something that I can afford without your support. It is my intention to offer the entirety of the RBG line a material that I can price to bring RBG figures to every gamer's table in the hobby. It is further my goal to expand RBG to encompass more of the Traditional Old School Fantasy Spectrum. I want to produce, Characters, Monsters, and even Terrain! I can do this with your help. The HelsVakt kickstarter was a great step in the right direction and with your help and support we can make this Kickstarter into something huge!

We are beginning with the goblins by popular demand but I have a LOT of stuff to retool and I will be taking every comment and request under consideration as the campaign progresses. It is my plan to move on to the Dvergr or the Aenglish after the goblins are retooled, hopefully there will be enough time in this campaign to make that happen but that is all up to you!