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Red Box Games posts up more stretch goals and model WIPs

Red Box Games is over 300% funded over on Kickstarter with still 19 days to go. So they've posted up a bunch of stretch goals and are hoping to break them all.

From the campaign:

Hey Hey Hey!

ok after much preparation and numbers crunching I have got the next 5 stretch goals figured out and published on the main page. More pictures will be posted as the stretch goals get nearer. Also I am working on more pledge levels and reward options. I want to be sure that i do not improperly word these AGAIN so this may take a little more time to finish that did the Stretch goals. Also I should have some WIP shots of the Ulbrecht the Soulless figure very soon Hopefully by tomorrow evening. I hope you guys will like the new stretch goals and I look forward to your opinions! So go have a look and tell me what you think!