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Red Box Games posts January releases for pre-order

Red Box Games has posted their January releases up for Pre-Order.

From their announcement:

So! This month I have on hand;

The Lady Nyvenne

As Evil as she is beautiful the Gray Lady commands the infernal powers of the forgotten ones with a finesse and mastery rivaled only by the Keeper Himself. If you are looking for a creature of beauty to drive your armies of death then look ye no further!

The shamblign undead booster.......because you can never have enough of them really.

Llewelyn SoftStrider, woodsman, warrior, brigand, man hunter. Llewelyn is known far and wide as a man not to be crossed or a man to be sought by. An excellent Human ranger character to compliment any dungeoneerign party or adventuring band and a certain addition for any warband.

Robert of Carlisle Wall, son of a Hillander noble and would be Husband to the late Aenglish Lady Evelyn of Carlisle. A-Grieved for the untimely death of his Lady Love he seeks out danger where-so ever it is to be had, thus did he earn the distinction of the his title at the great battle of Carlisle Wall.

The Journeyman Gerard. A foreigner of distinctive skill Gerard is a thief, a fighter, an adventurer and explorer. If there is adventure to be had, or a challenge to be met it is he who will be the first to answer the call. An excellent figure for that hard to define Fighter / Thief the Journeyman Gerard is a certian recruit for any adventuring band of treasure hunters or skulking thieves or even special agents of high powers.

Watch Captian Whistlocke, Stern, serious, accomplished and courageous The Watch Captain Whistlocke is the master of the reknowned Whistlocke's Watch of Shield'sPort wharf district. It is there, in the oldest section of that sprawling city, that the worst of the worst go about their business and there also where the name of Whistlocke bears as much fear and respect as would that of the highest Masters of the Shadow guilds.

Yougn Rupert of Chalton, a youthful wide adventurer out to prove his mettle in the dark bedeviled channels of ruins and goblin burrows. Fitted in the trappigns of the early fighter Rupert is perfect to represent that 1st level fighter destined to rise to great heights or fall from them in the dark holes of forlorn places.