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Red Box Games October releases

Red Box Games has announced their October releases.

From their announcement:

Well the new releases for October are up for pre order. I am informed that the figures will be in hand no later than the 5th of October.

The intent was to have about four more figures but they just were not going to make the deadline for October so they will have to go in with the big HelsVakt expansion in November ( it IS coming!! :P ).

At any rate this month I have;

Bruiser Gus, Sleeper in the Alley, Puller of Corks, Cracker of Skulls.....ever needed that hard to find Half ORc thug? This is your figure. Big, ugly, dangerous and slightly ridiculous looking he will strike fear into the hearts of any bumpkin unlucky enough to get lost in the Big City back alleys.

The Ever Wonderful Epierre the Entertainer. The perfect Elf bard figrue sure to capture teh hearts of all the lady adventurers and bewitch teh dumb beasts of dungeon, cavern and woodland alike. ALL adventuring parties need an entertainer to lift their spirits in the dark of the dungeon deep, ALL taverns welcome a Dandy entertainer. A great piece for display or gaming yo uar esure to find a clever use for such a figure.


Herbert Hedgewyrd, Far Wanderer, Candle in the Shadows, Finder of the Lost Ways, Fox Whisperer, BeeSinger, ThornWalker, Brewer of CherryMead, Friend of the Hill Folk and Keeper of Finiuimgreimclcoh. What adventuring party can't find a place for a Halfling Illusionist / Mage / Druid??

Mad Angus The Red Bastard of Blythe'sCliff, a bloody savage to some, a great hero to others. This is fighter sure to wade into the thick of his enemies and leave a wreck of red ruin in his wake. Foes BEware, he is fearless and a longswordsman without peer.

Hefty Hamish Hillander abroad, graciously in service to his presumed Majesty King Ulbrecht of Aengland. Well known from the tavern to the battlefield Hamish is a stalwart fighting man as loyal to his mates as he is fearsom to his enemies!

Finally the encounters range of RBG expands with the initial units of undead. There will be more to come, undead of various danger and type. But this first issue hopes to offer enough to begin populating your crypts and haunted keeps with enough mace fodder for a great little game.

WraithKnights........ hovering ghostly and malicious these dark summons are sure to prove the mettle of any band of adventurers unfortunate enough to trespass upon their protected ground. ( Stupidly not pictured here, is teh two handed weapons sprue that is included with this multipack. 2 longswords, 1 flanged mace, 1 ball mace, 1 battle axe, and 1 hammer. each is universally interchangable - except the two long swords with one particular wraith knight. )

Lesser undead. Animated like marionettes by the ethereal malice of dark magicks teh shambling undead shuffle forward mindlessly to mob and mangle any living creature that draws their attention.