Red Box Games new releases for January 2011

By tgn_admin
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Jan 6th, 2011

Red Box Games have announced their releases for January 2011.

Eofrweg of the RedWall

Eofrweg of the RedWall

From their announcement:

At long last we start the new year off with a nice new expansion to our Njorn line. We have been out for a while but we are back in a big way and are looking to make 2011 the year of Red Box Games. Keep a look out for a new website, new developments in the RBG world and experience and of course lots of new metal goodies! and at least 60% less typos!

  • Great sculpt, the movement is wonderful.

  • General Hobbs

    Too small though. Won’t fit in with other ranges figures, and I’ve heard they have really bad service and customer service.

    • Zac

      Lets not repeat rumours please. If you have direct experience with a company then mention it by all means but repeating second or third-hand information isn’t very helpful

  • deanocware

    You’ve heard wrong. And whoever told you that doesn’t know what they are talking about and doesn’t know Tre. I have been buying from RBG and Tre Manor since he first launched. He always answers my emails – personally and knows me by name. When he has had delays they are always the result of his castings not being up to the standard of the sculpts and he sends them back to be corrected because he cares about the product he puts out. But if you pay and want a refund because of delay all you have to do is ask.