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Red Box Games New Releases

Red Box Games modular Aenglishmen now available for pre-order:

From their post:

well unfortunately the goblins won't make it this time around. I was just too dis-satisfied with them to publish. I AM working on them though so they will see release by next month ( which is going to be HYUGE! ) with the HelsVakt foot and armoured elites.

BUT!!! I do have the modular Aenglish ready to rock and roll. these are due in hand by the end of the week next week. These are fitted for universally interchangeable weapons, heads, and shields. So the combination you see pictured are not the only possibilities. Further the next series of modular Aenglish will be compatible with these for even further possibilities!

So now Whistlocke has his band of hardmen to bust up the alley gangs of ShieldPort! These are availible in two SKUs. There is a 4 pack for $24.99 and an 8 pack for $39.99.

Hope you like them!

Cheers, Tre'