Red Box Games metal to plastic Kickstarter at 400%

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 31st, 2012

Red Box Games keeps rolling along over on Kickstarter, having made it to over 400% funded. How much higher can they make it go in these next 2 weeks?

From the campaign:

With the $20k mark being reached the highly cool and very multi-part hordesmen are now funded! Super cool evil barbarians to go with the superb evil knights! The Aenglish footmen and characters are also funded. Comming up next is the witch Yrsa and Fenris the wolf god. Goodie goodie gum drops!

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  • Orca


  • If you are asking what scale he is then it is a true 28mm scale.

    • Tre Manor

      Which in this case means 33mm tall fromt eh bottom of the foot to teh top of the head. 😉

  • True 28mm scale means the average man measures 28mm from the base of his feet to his eyes.

  • He doesn’t look average, so I imagine his eyes are taller than 28mm.

  • Duncan_McFarlane

    Very nice figures – and would do nicely for Warhammer chaos marauders and warriors.