Red Box Games’ Kickstarter makes it to 200% funded

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 22nd, 2012

Red Box Games won’t let those other funding campaigns out-do them and have made it to 200% funded with still over 20 days to go.

From the update:

The Helsvakt infantry are fully funded and a second faction are just about funded too! Plans for a third faction (possibly undead/infernals) are being discussed on the RedBox forum.

These are mind blowing miniatures at a great price, so jump on the band wagon and bring your friends!

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  • 032125

    I’d love to fund Tre’s work, but not if he keeps making 25mm fantasy miniatures. Why on earth does he insist on sculpting gorgeous miniatures that look positively lilliputian next to the 28mm heroic and 30mm fantasy miniatures that the rest of the world is already using? Why Tre, why?

    • According to Tre on Dakka:

      Humans ……………….. 32 to 34mm

      Elves ………………… 29 to 31mm

      Dwarves ………………. 22 to 25mm

      Gnomes………………… 15 to 20mm

      Goblins ………………. 15 to 25mm

      Trolls………………… 45 to 50mm

      Giants ……………….. 35 to 55mm

      • 032125

        Oh really? That’s awesome! Tre is a great sculptor, right up there with Werner Klocke (the two best sculptors Reaper has), and I’d have bought just about every one of his Red Box sculpts if they’d been 28 Heroic or 30mm.

        • 032125

          Oh wait. No. I read his hole comment. He’s claiming that all of his figures already are that size, and that’s just ridiculous.

          “My figures are EXACTLY what they are advertised to be. I build my armatures to these specifications…

          …All measurements are based on full standing ( both feet together back straight ) armatures measured from the bottom of the feet to tthe top of the skull.

          …The scale of RBG figures is true 32 mm, which some people would consider to be 30mm and others would consider as 28mm. The figures are built to have the most realistic proportions I can manage to capture. The different races are built to different ” sizes “. If anyone asks me this is the exact response they will get. ”

          This is ludicrous. The man sculpts for Reaper in the 28mm Heroic scale, so what does he call that scale? 36mm?

          • Tre Manor

            First of all those ARE the measurement standards upon which my lien is built WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Which of my figures do not fit those measurements then?

            ……….The problem the term” Heroic ” scale’s obfuscation of the matter of scale. What is ” heroic ” scale? Is it a particular number? A measurement of Girth? A measurement of the width of the stance vs the height of the figure? What is it? Can you define it? No. No one can because it is an arbitrarily assigned adjective that has no real meaning. The term ” Heroic ” scale was coined by Reaper as they were trying to get in to major distribution. At the time the standard scale was ” 28 ” mm ( which even then was debatably descriptive. ) and the sculpts that reaper was commissioning were slightly larger than that standard. This led them to coin the description ” Heroic ” 28mm, which is a particularly powerful example of salesmanship and branding on their part. Since then scale creep has pushed the bar of that ” measurement ” every higher yet the descriptive has never changed.

            But as to your question, I do not sculpt in ” heroic ” scale partly because when I issued my first set of figures they were widely regarded as ” display ” scale and therefore ” too big ” even though they were perfectly sized to match my Reaper stuff and most Reaper / GW stuff as well. So this led me to rethink my approach entirely at which time I was reading a lot of foreign forums looking at what European sculptor’s were doing and I discovered the descriptive measurement of ” TRUE ” 28mm. I also read a lot of praise of the proportions of the work of Kev White ( who was a big inspiration for me from the beginning ) and of the Rackham line of figures. Thusly I set about creating figures that were ” true ” 28 mm scale or as close as I could manage.

            The other ( bigger ) part of the reason is that I just don't like what is widely considered to fit the descriptive " Heroic" there are some sculptors who do it REALLY well and I do like their work but it does not inspire me to want to emulate it. For the most part though I just don't like it. It looks silly and just wrong. I like to look at my figures on the table top and feel like I am looking at 3d representations of the old school fantasy illustrations. I do not want to look at the figures and feel like I am watching a saturday morning kids cartoon ( not that that is a bad thing it is just not what I want to see. ).

            Grab out a dwarf, an elf, a human, and a halfling from your ” heroic ” scaled stuff and line them up and look at them. REALLY look at them. Do they look internally consistent with one another? Does the dwarf REALLY look like he is sculpted to the same scale as a human? I will bet you he does not. Now look at the elf. Does the elf look slender and lithe next to the human? is there much difference between the elf and human at all? Would you know which was which if you could not see the ears? I will bet you the answer is no. Now look at the halfling…………. OK do you see where I am going here?

            You ask me why I do not sculpt in Heroic ” scale to match other manufacturers. Most other manufacturers do not even match themselves! You will NEVER wonder if an RBG Dwarf looks like a squashed giant next to a human, you will never not know which is the elf and whish is the human when standing the two representative RBG figures side by side. Halflings LOOK like halflings. You WILL look at a set of RBG figures and see a BELIEVABLE illusion.

            If you like the heroic exaggerated look that is all cool, but not everyone does and I am one of a very few companies out there catering to these people FIRST. I am very proud of my product and I feel that it will stand the test of time. 10 years from now an RBG figure will still be just as cool as it is today because of it’s lack of exaggeration. Exaggeration is trendy and subjective your opinion of it will change over time.

            BTW height is NOT a scale. Scale refers to the overall measurements of an object within a larger standard. Meaning a 4 foot tall human does not have a head 2 feet wide and shoulders 4 feet wide with 1 foot long legs and hands the size of a normal humans thighs.

          • 032125

            Thanks Tre, very thoughtful as always. There is of course a market for both the now dominant “heroic” proportions and the more svelte 28mm “true” scale, just as there is a market for 20mm and 1/72.

            Perhaps my disappointment came from first having handled only your barbarians, which were so tiny next to GW marauders or even your Reaper barbarians.

            Elves that aren’t built on human frames and halflings that don’t look like anthropomorphized potatoes are a good thing, but IMO fantasy barbarians get most of their appeal from being physically imposing, so why not frame them up larger (32mm or even 34mm) but keep that marvelous realist style that you’ve been working on? Some tropes just work.

            Again, this is just the opinion of one painter, though apparently it’s come up often enough for you to have built quite a lengthy defense for it. Thanks again for your thoughts.

          • Tre Manor

            hah hah Yeh I get this often enough.

            teh barbarians are framed on 34 to 36 mm armatures. It is not the scale it is the style. If the style is the problem I won’t change that. This is just how I like to sculpt. It is after all, why the people who like my stuff like it so much, if I may be so bold as to say myself.

  • madzerker

    A lot of his stuff from reaper would be actually 36- 38mm or something. Reaper are the ones that label their scale wrong, but they use the term Heroic. Not bashing Reaper, I love a lot of their minis too, just they are two different scales. If you put Tre’s minis next to a lot of reaper minis they are actually same height but more proportionate and realistic and not bulky and cartoony.

  • General Hobbs

    Ordered from them once, never received the order. When I contacted them, their reply was,…it was sent out. I said I never got it and after a further email, the attitude I got was pretty much tough luck.

    What’s even more aggravating is that the guy lies that this ever happened. I will never support this company.

    • 032125

      I went on the Dakka Dakka forums to ask Tre about this and saw your similar comment on what an evil monster he was. Do you just follow him around spamming the community with your sandiness?

      Apparently you have declared jihad on Rebox, but since Manor has repeatedly asked you to contact him personally and resolve your complaint, this spamming just makes you look bad, and he like a gentleman.

  • Tre Manor

    Again, General Hobbs I am asking you to contact me DIRECTLY so I can fix it for you. I have never taken an indifferent or apathetic attitude towards anyone. I cannot figure out who you are or what you are talking about. You said that you had your credit card company contest the payment you made? I have only just added the ability to pay via credit card to my store. Further I have only ever once had a payment contested and withdrawn. And THAT customer was in a foreign country, and the only reason they were successful was because I was unable to prove the shipment in time because I did nto know how.

    So if your claim is legitimate I WILL FIX IT, but first I need to know who you are and what you are talking about.

  • Nivanti

    Pitch is trash, I’m confused just looking at it.

  • Jeremy

    Everything I know about Tre says he is an honest, upstanding guy. He goes out of his way to make sure that all of his dealings are fair.

    His style might not be for everyone, but personally I love the realism. As a gamer, I want to push all miniatures in this direction and will do so by supporting sculptors like Tre and Kevin. As a painter, I would think realism in proportion would be most preferable. As asculptor, Tre is one of my biggest influences and I hope to be able to attain half of his skill.

    He is working around the clock to make this kickstarter easier to navigate, which is no easy task for one man his first time out. He doesn’t have a team of graphic artists and promoters.

    I’ve pledged, and I hope more do. He deserves our support as an independent sculptor with an incredible talent.