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Red Box Games Sale

Red Box Games announces mark downs and Discontinuations at Red Box Games:

From their announcement:

hey guys, not neccessairly new products but some new pricing on a lot of stuff and a lot of combined SKUs. Mostly just older stuff bundled together with the likely suspects and a few discontinuations.

Lots of goodies priced to sell NOT discontinued but they have been sitting long enough I either need to price them down or toss em out.

Also if you have not gotten Conradt, Morgrimn, or Yrsa, you had probably better do it now. I do not want to run the mould down and I am not sure they really have enough left in em to justify a new mould so get em while you can cause they is going. Conradt is all but gone already but there are a few Morgrimns and a few Yrsa's left as well.

I have also put the price down on the Trolls and the Infernal Horrors. AND the Wraith Knights are now availible as individual models, as is the Weapon Sprue. Thanks,