Red Box Games $2.00 off sale

By tgn_admin
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Aug 1st, 2011

Red Box Games is celebrating their fourth year in business with a $2.00 off sale.

From their announcement:

Well Guys, we have made it 4 years. I think that officially means I have beaten the odds that most companies fold within the first 3 years or is it 5? Ah well who cares. On with the savings. I am currently running a sale in which EVERYTHING is discounted down by $2.00. Yes that is right two full dollars. The sale starts today, Monday the 1st of August, and runs to next Monday the 8th of August ending at midnight that night.

Further, the shipping rates have been adjusted permanently. The new breakdown is thus;

United States shipping rates

# of figures ( shipping weight ) and the cost in $

  • 1-15 $0.00
  • 16-30 $5.00
  • 31-50 $8.00
  • 51-75 $10.00
  • 76-150 $15.00
  • 151-00 $0.00

To the Rest of the World

  • 0-15 $3.00
  • 16-30 $7.50
  • 31-50 $10.00
  • 51-75 $12.50
  • 76-150 $18.50
  • 151-00 24.00

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting us this far. You guys make the fight worth fighting.

Cheers everybody

  • So, I went to look at their site, and I couldn’t find any information about the company, the models, or anything.

    Sure, the shop shows the greens, but the website doesn’t help one bit. Wish it did as I’m really interested in finding out more.

    • Zac

      Really? The site defaults to their online store now

      You should be redirected there and see all their minis

      • Yeah. I can browse the store, but went back to just their website ( I was looking for more info- the who, what, when, why, how, of the minis and the people behind the game.

        For example, there are different categories of minis. Are there factions? Are the models arranged by style? By “location”in some fictional gaming world, etc. Painted examples as well. Just a lot of missing information that I was hoping to find as the minis look cool.


    Red box games is a one man show and he manages to sculpt several miniatures every month thats more than some companies with several employees… sure the site is not perfect but the sculpt quality, the extremely competitive release schedule rivals and surpasses many big companies outhere. Also its a new company with only 3 years on its belt so we should maybe give a little time for them to grow?
    In one man show companies somethings are not perfect and sometimes they have to decide what to develop first in order to survive, so I think releasing stellar sculpts every month is a very good starting point IMO…

  • Tre Manor

    Thanks NAvarro and Zac. 🙂

    Varagon, even Old NEw York was once what?

    In all seriousness, you raise very valid points. My Web site was originally built as a place holder for a 3 miniature web store. It was made as a favour by a friend and neither of us ever intended for it to run as it is for as logn as it has now. I am however currently having a new temporary webstore professionally built and then will expand it to include all teh bells and whistles one woudl normally expect from a professional miniatures manufaturer.

    You are also correct that I shoudl have pro paint jobs and all that jazz, but as Navarro points out I have to prioritize where I invest. Unfortunately being as small an operation as I am I have to choose between new product or new marketing, and as I do not really make any money from marketing I choose to produce new product. Granted marketign IS important and does have an impact on sales, but it is almost JUST as expensive to have a Professional level paint job for a miniature as it is to make a moudl for as many as 3 new figures.

    but believe me this is a big priority for me in the coming months. I have decided to do my best to set aside at least enough money every month to have one figure painted professionally so I can really show case what can be done with these figures.

    As to teh other questions. Teh figures are groupe din the store by race. Aelfar are Elves, Dvergr are Dwarves, Goblins are Goblins, HelsVAkt are Evil Barbarians, Infernals are Demons and undead, Njorn are Norse Humans, Aenglish are Briton Humans, Shirelings are Halfings. These categories will start expandign to include Dark Elves and Orcs and Giants and Wood Elves in the new year, btu first I intend to expand the existign ranges and finish off at leats 2 of them ( finish as in produce everythign needed for a full encounter / army. ).

    there is a rules system and setting in development that will be availible By Christmas withotu fail.

    As for me, i am Tre Manor, designer, sculptor, manager, packer, shipper, trash taker outer extraordinaire! And hopefully soon PAINTER!! I got my start with Reaper Miniatures in 2006, I worked for them for 2 years as a freelancer before embarkign upon RBG in 2008…Whoops! I guess it has only been 3 years! WHOOPS! I am a Dad of two boys 7 and 4 a husband to my Lovely bride of 12 years. A reformed ne’er do well rock and rolling construction worker from the Deep South and a life long gamer and fantasy art and fiction enthusiast! I love the art of Paul Bonner, Frank Frazetta, Justin Gerard, Dave Needham, LArry Elmore, Kieth PArkinson, Jim Holloway, Jeff Easley, Matt Dixon, Wayne Reynolds, Jesper Ejsing and many others. I love the fiction of Robert Howard, Robert Jordan, David Drake, William King, etc. I am lover and fighter and can cook a MEAN skillet steak. Huzzah!

    • Tre Manor

      And I have the blackest, thickest growing beard you hav eever seen!

    • I forgot to answer this from Tre’s post:

      Varagon, even Old New York was once what?

      New Amsterdam. I can thank They Might Be Giants for that. 😀

  • Excellent. Thank you for all the information. The models do look great, and I have my own ideas what to use them for, but was curious beyond “just buying” the models, hence my question about the lack of information. I wanted to find out what RBG had in mind for the models.

    Now that I see your name, some recollection of your presence in the hobby has returned.

    Thanks again!