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Reclamation RPG Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Architect Games announce a Kicksarter to fund their project:

From their announcement:

Reclamation is a post-apocalyptic horror RPG where players take on the role of dystopian heroes fighting to “reclaim” the shattered remnants of civilization from a world plagued by radiation and monstrous creatures transformed by the nuclear fallout.

Once published, Reclamation will be around 250 B&W pages of pure dystopian action, suspense, and intrigue! I realize that “color” pages are more desirable, but that would literally increase the price of the game from somewhere in the $20-30 range to $75-80. Besides, I personally believe that the B&W look complements the dark setting of this role-playing game. The money received from your pledges will of course be used to produce your custom deliverables, but they will also go towards paying artists to complete the giant order of pictures that I need to complete this 7-year project of mine. In addition to the other pledge awards, I will also let you know which pictures were “adopted” thanks to your pledges!

Once again, the book is written; I just need help with printing and the cost of artwork.