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Rebuilding the Realms of Twilight

Silver Crescent Publishing has a Kickstarter campaign for Realms of Twilight running for Pathfinder.
No, there are no sparkles. This is a good thing.


From the campaign:

In 2011 we released the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The world of Relistan came to life in the form of a 256 page 8 ½” x 11” hardcover book full of wondrous locations, amazing magic, character options, and legends from the ancient past. Two full printings of the campaign sold out as gamers around the world delved into the Realms of Twilight, but that was just the beginning.

Now we are gearing up for another print run of the setting, but trying to raise funds just to re-print something that already exists would be a little… underwhelming, so we are rebuilding the world entirely! We are already delving deeper into its mysteries, detailing new areas, and giving it a fresh face by updating almost every art piece in the book. We will be adding statistics blocks to all of the settlements in the volume as an aid to Game Masters, unleashing another new playable race for player characters, increasing the magical repertoire of wizards and the alchemical recipes of combat alchemists, and so much more.

To accomplish these lofty pursuits we've pulled together a great team of gamers with the skills we need to pull it off. The original author Daniel Marshall will be adding material (in both the fluff and crunch categories) and as an added bonus the amazingly talented Ed Greenwood has agreed to detail a legend to be included in the revised print! The details are still a secret but we are confident it will be highly entertaining! Also a professional editor will be reviewing the book in its entirety and giving it a level of polish it has not yet seen, Jocelyn Sarvida is already hard at work on updating the art of the book and our cartographer Jen Page has begun illuminating the shadowed lands with a new rendition of the world and continent maps.