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Rebel Minis “We can't go to Historicon sale”

Going to a convention isn't easy. There's a lot of expenses for travel, hotel, registration. And that's just if you're going as a spectator. If you're a vendor, there's the logistics of getting your product to the show. You need to set up a booth. You need to have staffing for said booth. It can be a real headache. So not everyone does it. Historicon is this week, and while you may be there, Rebel Minis won't be. So they're having a sale on their website instead.

So, until midnight on Sunday the 19th (though I'm not sure whose midnight...), if you use the code "noshow15" at checkout, you can get 20% off your entire order. Rebel Minis doesn't have a lot of sales through the year, so go check this one out before it's over.