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Rebel Minis Spring Sale Happening Now

Ah. Spring. Temperatures are on the rise. People are getting back outside to enjoy the weather. There's pollen everywhere... ok, maybe that last one isn't such a great thing about spring... but still. At Rebel Minis, they think it's just about the right time to have a sale. They only have 2 a year, so they like to make them worthwhile. As such, they're giving 20% off your purchase in their webshop.


It's pretty simple. Just go to their website and make your order. Then, at checkout, use coupon code Spring15 and you'll get the new, discounted price. You want more? Fine! You get more! Shipping in the US is only $6 and worldwide it's only $12. That's not too shabby. The sale only lasts until May 25th, so you'd better get on it.

Last time Rebel Minis had one of these sales, they had some items sell out rather quickly. But even if what you want is gone by the time you try and order it, you'll still get the discount and your pieces will be shipped out as soon as they're spun up.