Rebel Minis Releases Two New Rules Sets

Rebel Minis isn’t just content with bringing you one new set of minis rules. They’ve got two. Working with Ex Teixeira from Two Hour Wargames, they’ve got Lovecraft’s Revenge and Deadly Dreams, both of which have their rulebooks up in the Rebel Minis webshop now.

From the announcement:

Rebel Minis is proud to announce our latest round of new rulesets in collaboration with Origins Award Winning Ed Teixeira and the crew at Two Hour Wargames.

Lovecraft’s Revenge
Lovecraft’s Revenge puts you right into your own Story by horror writer HP Lovecraft. You could explore a deserted town where the doors and windows seem to open themselves. You could scour the university library for clues of a lost tome of Eldritch lore. You could find yourself in some wasteland, miles from home, and face-to-face with monsters that will rip your mind apart just by looking at you!

Deadly Dreams
Welcome to Deadly Dreams, the first supplement to Lovecraft’s Revenge, and gateway to the Dreamlands. The Dreamlands is a world in of itself, created by countless dreamers over millennia. Within this realm, you’ll find reality takes a back seat, offering new and unexpected possibilities…