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Rebel Minis Releases Titan Marines Dropship

Rebel Minis now has their new Titan Dropship available over in their webstore.

From the release:

Rebel minis is proud to announce our newest release for the Titan Marines, The Titan Marines Dropship. The Titan Dropship/Gunship Kit contains enough parts to build either a Titan Dropship or Titan Gunship. Each set contains a Resin Body, 6 gun pods, forward laser and flight stand. Sculpted by John Bear Ross and sample painted by Jason Moore, it has an SRP of $19.95 USD. You can see it here:

And Don't forget, our Christmas sale is going on!
Until December 31st, everything on the site is 20% off! Yes, you heard right, 20% off! Use code rebel2012 when checking out to get the discount!

Shipping is only $6 USD worldwide and don't forget to check out our blog here

As always, Thank You for Your Support and Merry Christmas!