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Rebel Minis Releases New Zombies, Civilians and more

Rebel Minis helps increase the size of your zombie horde with some new releases.


From the release:

Many of you may have seen these new packs in the successful 15mm Hospital 911 Two Hour Wargames Kickstarter. We are happy to announce they are now up on the site! Here they are:

Zombie Pack #4: Hospital-Rebel Minis is proud to present our 4th pack of 15mm Modern Zombies. These hopeless victims represent folks from all walks to life(and now death)in a Hospital setting. Whether it be the doomed Doctor or the hapless patient, all are too late for medical help!! Each pack contains 24 Zombies. SRP $11.99]

Terrified Civilians: Everyone needs Terrified Civilians! New to Rebel Minis is the 15mm Terrified Civilians pack. These 15mm figures are great for any urban war, zombie outbreak or modern warfare scenario! Each pack contains 20 Minis (Eight unique sculpts) and they are incredibly detailed! Sculpted by Martin Baker. SRP $10.95

Suzie,Zombie Hunter: Looks like someone is ready for a night on the town! This 15mm metal miniature is ready to go for your zombie or horror game! Sculpted and Painted by Rod Campbell! SRP $1.00