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Rebel Minis Releases Missions of Tomorrow Book

Missions of Tomorrow is the new expansion book for the Future Tales game. As one would expect, it brings in even more sci-fi themes for when you're playing and making your character. Like what? Well, how about some new attributes? Or maybe you'd like some cyborg action? Want to make your games less pulpy and more gritty? There's rules for that, too. You can pick up your copy from Rebel Minis now.

From the announcement:

MISSIONS OF TOMORROW Your Story continues...

In Future Tales, we showed you how to build your own Pulp Era Science Fiction Stories. Now, with Missions of Tomorrow, the first supplement to Future Tales, we give you more tools to make your Stories even better. And what about the Cyborgs?

Missions of Tomorrow expands Future Tales taking you in directions you couldn’t go before. Inside, you’ll find:
• New Attributes for your Stars.
• Optional rules to make your games a little more “gritty”.
• Traits add details to your aliens. Want a furry, shy warrior? How about a spiny, sarcastic waist-high character?
• Rules that allow you to jump right into your games with very little prep work!
• Full Scenarios to play through, including the notorious Nursery Pals!
• Quick-Play rules for Mengal, a futuristic sport that combines hockey, lacrosse, chess, and “slasher” films!
• All this and more…
You have today, but no one can guarantee tomorrow…