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Rebel Minis Releases Dark Hold Adventures 28mm Fantasy Line

Rebel Minis just released a whole new line of fantasy miniatures they've christened the Dark Hold Adventures set.

From the announcement:

Rebel Minis is very excited to announce our newest line. The Dark Hold Adventures 28mm Fantasy Line under the Rebel28's banner. We have been working with some great sculptors like Bobby Jackson, Sandra Garrity, Paul Muller and Rod Campbell to great a line of Fantasy Figures and we have alot more to come! These will all be listed under the Rebel28 brand to keep people from confusing it with our 15mm lines.

Here is the list of what we have in the first release:

RMS1001 Red Ann the Pirate $5.95
RMS1002 Beatrice The Pirate $5.95
RMS1003 Ms. Hook the Pirate $5.95
RMS1004 Riddell the Wizard $5.95
RMS1005 Sir Cedric $5.95
RMS1006 T' Chia the Amazon $5.95
RMS1007 Delareth the Rogue $5.95
RMS1008 Terrax- Giant Lizardman $9.95
RMS1009 Blight Lord $5.95
RMS1010 Blight Axeman $5.95
RMS1011 Blight Swordsman $5.95
RMS1012 Blight Archer $5.95
RMS1013 The Minotaur of Knossos $9.95
RMS1014 Mathon the Cleric $5.95
RMS1015 Thain Dwarven Hunter $5.95
RMS1016 Alane Elven Illusionist $5.95
RMS1017 Gwen the Ranger $5.95
RMS1018 Lizardman A $5.95
RMS1019 Lizardman B $5.95

28mm Fantasy Box Sets
RMS2001 Female Pirate Box set $14.95
RMS2002 Blight Lord and Minions Box set $19.95
RMS2003 Terrax and Lizardmen Raiders $19.95
RMS2004 The Adventurers Box Set I $19.95
RMS2005 The Adventurers Box Set II $19.95

You can see these at under the Rebel28s section of the site.

We will have more releases and some other exciting news about this line soon!

As always, Thank you for your support!