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Rebel Minis release NUTS! Stalingrad Sniper Scenario Pack

NUTS! Stalingrad Sniper Scenario PackRebel Minis have added the NUTS! Stalingrad Sniper Scenario Pack to their online store. From their announcement: Rebel Minis is proud to announce a new minis pack. This Pack is designed for the new NUTS! Stalingrad Scenario rules set from Two Hour Wargames. You will need a copy of the rules as this set only provides sniper miniatures. Each pack contains 16 15mm Snipers- 8 Russian and 8 German in various Poses. The 16 15mm sniper minis also include one Colonel Thorvold (German Hero Sniper) and Vasily Zaitsev(Russian Hero Sniper). Sculpted by Rodrick Campbell. All this for just $9.99. As always, Thank you for your support.