Rebel Minis release new Titan HAMR Suits

Rebel Minis have added new 15mm Titan HAMR walker models to their online store.

Titan Recon

Titan Recon

From their announcement:

Rebel Minis is proud to present the newest Titan Marine HAMR Suits.

First up is the Mk.II Recon HAMR Suit. The HAMR (Heavy.Assault.Manned.Raider) is designed to fit with our 15mm scale sci-fi minis. The Recon Suit is a light infantry support suit with forearm mounted cannons. Perfect for Urban and Planetary missions.

Next up is the Titan Marine Mk.III Support HAMR Suit is equipped with a medium pulse laser system and light surface to surface missile system. Perfect for combat missions where a little more fire power is needed.

The SRP on the HAMRs is $11.99 each.

Next up is the HAMR Stowage set. The set comes with a Deck to mount on the top of the EF HAMR suit and two sprues of barrels, crates and boxes. These are great bits for terrain or to add on the back of the Combat Flatbed or vehicles.

The SRP on the Stowage set is $3.99.

Sculpted by John Bear Ross! Display by Mongo.

You can see them all here:

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