Rebel Minis release MATV Comanche

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Mar 1st, 2011

Rebel Minis have released the 15mm MATV Comanche vehicle.

MATV Comanche

From their website:

Well, I just added a new Sci-fi vehicle. The “Comanche”, MATV vehicle. Sculpted by design master John Bear Ross, This 15mm scale All Terrain Vehicle comes with 4 assault gun options and a Turret. Perfect for “hot” LZs and engaging light armor targets and RECON. we have some more MATV designs coming up and even a variation of a near future Humvee. These were painted by the awesome Jeff Racel.

  • Ironstar23

    I’d love to see this in 28mm

  • antenociti

    very nice OSHKOSh-esque vehicle indeed!

  • I’ll be buying four of those as transport for my Tomorrow’s War USMC troops. EXCELLENT models!! Good work as always, Mike!


  • Warlock32

    Ironstar! Just come over to the 15mm Dark Side!

    I have never been happier since ditching 28mm.

    Lots more manufacturers, minis are cheaper and MUCH more interesting, ranges feel right on the tabletop, and I can deploy Company-sized forces and use cheap HO scale Model RR buildings for terrain.

  • Ironstar23

    I’ve gone as far as 20mm but haven’t made the trip down to 15mm.

    I just like the size and enjoy painting 28mm. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll venture into the realm of 15mm.