Rebel Minis release 5150: First Contact box set

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May 12th, 2010

Rebel Minis have posted details on their 15mm sci-fi 5150: First Contact box set.

From their announcement:

With the successful partnering with Two Hour Wargames on their All Things Zombie boxed sets, we decided it was time to expand our efforts. 5150 First Contact is the latest but not last of future boxed sets for Two Hour Wargames.

First Contact revolves around a rebellion on a small planet where the colonists have decided to break away from their home world. It documents the war between Earth and her first colony, Mars.

The first box set in the 5150: First Contact series contains:

  • 1 Platoon of Earth Force Marines(21 Minis)
  • 1 each of the Sniper Team, Missile Launcher and Auto Cannon
  • 1 Platoon of Sahadeen(21 Minis)
  • 1 each of the Sniper Team, Missile Launcher and Auto Cannon

This box set provides enough minis to get started in 5150:First Contact. All of the miniatures are in 15mm. The SRP on the box set is $24.95.

You can also buy the Platoons separately:

  • 5150: First Contact Earth Force Platoon- $12.49
  • 5150: First Contact Sahadeen Platoon- $12.49

You can see these all here:

You can get the rules for 5150 and First Contact at Two Hour Wargames website.

Also, The Dropships and Gunships are back in stock… and shipping is $5 World Wide!

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