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Rebel Minis Launches Red Ops 5: Asylum Kickstarter

This morning I'm sitting here listening to 90s music. I mean, it's the music I listened to when I "discovered music." So why not? One of the things bands will often do is swap around members for a project or two. So you get combinations of some of your favorite musicians all in one band. That's sort of what is going on with the Red Ops 5: Asylum game over on Kickstarter now.

Red Ops 5: Asylum is a new horror skirmish game from Rebel Minis using the figures they had acquired several months ago from Comfy Chair Games. The system they chose to use was designed by Two Hour Wargames. So bits and pieces here and there coming together for something greater. Players are in control of their own gang of psychopaths looking to beat up on other psychopaths. It's designed to be quick to play, with games lasting about a half-hour.

The campaign is already over its funding goal and is working on stretch goals. It's set to run for another 20 days.