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Rebel Minis Launches Dark Hold Goblin Adventures RPG Kickstarter

Goblins. Most gamers are used to coming across packs of them as an initial adventure starting out a campaign. By about level 3, they're probably not much of a threat anymore (except for those unscrupulous GMs that like to level-advance a whole tribe of them to throw at unsuspecting adventurers). The Dark Hold wants to put goblins front and center where they belong. Rebel Minis is running the Kickstarter campaign that's going on right now.

The goblins of the Dark Hold all live in the catacombs underneath what was once a prosperous empire. However, a bunch of adventures had to go and ruin all the fun. But while the monsters above got slaughtered, those down below were left to just be, figuring they weren't worth the trouble, mostly because... well... they weren't. However, generations have gone by and now those goblins are creating adventurers of their own. The Dark Hold books, which utilize the Savage Worlds game system, gives you all the resources to play in or run a goblin-centered campaign.

The campaign's doing well. They're closing in on 2x funded with still 26 days to go.