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Rebel Minis July 2011 releases

Rebel Minis have announced details of their 15mm miniature releases for July 2011. Gladiators From their announcement:
Rebel Minis is proud to announce our July releases. For the Sci-Fi fans, we are releasing the Titan Scouts. The 15mm Titan Scouts pack comes with 6 Titan Scouts. SRP $3.99. For the Pulp Fans we have two new releases. First up, the 15mm Armed Natives pack. Whether you are in Eygpt or India for your adventures, these Natives will be perfect. Each pack contains 8 Natives and are perfect for Pulp Gaming. Perfect for Two Hour Wargames: Adventures In the Lost Lands or Colonial Adventures. SRP $4.99 Next are the 15mm Armed Cabras pack. There are things that lurk in the jungles... Whether you are in South America or Africa for your adventures, these Armed Cabras will be great additions. Each pack contains 8 Cabras. SRP $4.99 15mm Roman Gladiators Perfect for Two Hour Wargames Gladiator ruleset- Red Sands Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena. Each pack contains 4 Heroic size minis. These are a little larger than our normal figures. SRP $2.99 More releases soon. A few things to remember: -Worldwide shipping is just $5. -Our Summer sale is going on and ends Sunday the 17th at midnight. As always, Thank you for your support.