Rebel Minis 28mm Goblin Kickstarter: More Updates and Free Stuff

Rebel Minis has made it through more stretch goals for their Dark Hold Goblin Kickstarter campaign. They’re showing off some new greens (of greenskins) as well.


From the campaign:

It is Time for another Update! We have had a busy week but we were looking at the love Pack #2 got with that sweet rat familiar and thinking “We should share the love with the Adventurers pack #1!” So, every adventurers pack #1 will get a FREE Goblin minion!

Because even Goblins need minions! This miniature will be included in all Goblin Adventurers pack #1 and in The “I Want It All” pledge for FREE!

We also have a sneak peek of the Goblin Miner Green! Take a look!