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Rearranged Stretch Goals for Eternal Dynasty

Zucchini People Games have collected the poll results and so have rearranged their stretch goals in accordance with the will of their backers.


From the update:

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Year of the Horse!

I collected a lot of worthwhile information from the survey! While it wasn't an overwhelming favorite (37.50% vs. 33%), the Stretch Goal for the injection mold Structures did come in first and will be the initial Stretch Goal. The amounts between goals have not changed, but our first Stretch Goal is now the improved Structure components at $25.5k and the larger board is now the $27k Stretch Goal. There was also interest in adding more 3 Kingdoms Rulers (and 1 intriguing vote for Sun Wukong), so we'll look at adding in new Rulers for the next Campaign Achievement after we hit 300 backers.