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ReaperCon Coming This Month

Well, this week we have Essen Spiel. I know I can't make it out to Germany for the event. It's a bit further than my driving distance allows. Considering the demographics of the website, I'm sure most of you reading this also think that Germany's a bit out of "road-tripping range." However, Texas not so much. So if you can't make it to Essen, maybe you can make it to Lewisville.

This is a hobbyists convention. If you want to learn about painting, sculpting, or illustrating, this is the convention you want to go to. There's four days worth of seminars on pretty much every aspect you can think of that goes into making a miniature from scratch. Want to learn to create concept art? There's a class for that. Starting with just some greenstuff and want to make a mini? There's a class for that. Want to make your miniature look as awesome as possible with a gorgeous paint job? There's a class for that.

The event is being held October 20th to the 23rd.