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ReaperCon Class Tickets Now Available

ReaperCon is coming up soon. A major draw of the event is the selection of classes being taught by gaming professionals. You can now start getting tickets for their panels and classes. No matter your skill level or what effects you're trying to recreate on your figures, there's probably a class for you. From beginning blending to fixing mistakes (one I'm sure I could stand to take...) to painting faces and eyes (another one I could stand to take. When I do eyes, it looks like I did them with a paintball gun at 50yds).
Anyway, check them out and get your tickets before the classes fill up.

From the website:

Reaper College is our concept for art instruction from the masters. The hallmarks include small classes taught by the best in the business, personalized attention, variety of subject matter, and scalable skill levels to suit you, the student.

It is important to note that there is a limit of 8 Class Tickets per Attendee this year. If you have purchased 2 tickets, for example, you may purchase up to 16 classes.