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Reaper posts up their latest round of releases

Reaper just released a bunch of some rather interesting looking models (as they always are from Reaper). Here's what they've now got in stock:

From them to you:

In addition to our fantastic sorts of releases this week, we have a little something special for you.

As it turns out, every so often Ron gets a figure across his desk that he thinks will look better in resin than in metal. "But," you say, "You guys don't have a resin line!" As it turns out, now we do. Introducing RAX: Limited Edition Resin Miniatures.

To kick this line off, we have Anvall Thricedamned for you. An evil warlord marauding the northern wastes of Adon with his barbarian band, his name is whispered to children in the dark and strikes fear into the defenders of villages.

And now he can be yours!

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, one Anvall box contains a resin body, one resin base, one white metal axe, and one plastic base. 38mm from bottom of feet to top of helmet, this figure comes unpainted -- some assembly required