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Reaper Miniatures posts up new releases

Reaper Miniatures posts up their latest releases over in their webshop.


From the release:

So, you know what I'm thankful for? Besides family, a nice job, that sort of thing...

Metal. Specifically, new metal releases. Behold!

Dark Heaven Legends
03652: Deenah, Female Barbarian by Patrick Keith ($7.29)
03653: Barrow Warden Lord by Julie Guthrie ($6.99)
03654: Esmeria, Half Elf Monk by Derek Schubert ($5.99)
03655: Iron Cobra by Andrew Pieper ($5.99)
03656: Witch of the Dark Moors by Julie Guthrie ($6.79)

60155: Genie Binder by Tim Prow ($7.49)
60156: Graveknight by Tim Prow ($6.99)

Later this week, we'll also be unwrapping this year's 12 Days of Reaper promotion. So there's something else to look forward to. December 6th is the launch of that.