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Reaper Miniatures posts February releases

Reaper Miniatures have posted their releases for February 6th, which includes a wide range of models.

From their release:

Check out their February Releases here

Dark Haven Legends Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures:
Anzen Contar, Mystic & Familiar by Patrick Keith ($6.99)
Praying Paladin by Matt Gubser ($7.99)
Ronnie and Reggie, Zombies by Wiebe and Jackson ($8.99)
Chthon By Kevin Williams ($5.99)

Chronoscope Heroic Scale Modern Miniatures:
Zombies:Doctor, Nurse, and Patient by Michael Brower ($11.99)
Mutant Y by Ben Siens ($5.99)

Officially Licensed Savage World Miniatures:
Prarie Tick Queen by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99)

P-65 Heavy Metal Miniatures:
Hill Giant by Jason Wiebe ($34.99)
Ogre Mage by Jason Wiebe ($7.79)